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A complete guide for remote jobseekers

Learn the framework that produces results, every time

Tactics you can immediately put to use

No fluff, no bullsh**, Going Remote is chock full of actionable tactics that you can implement immediately to see results, today.

Jam-packed with interviews

We've conducted dozens of interviews with hiring managers at fully remote companies, as well as top professionals who always get the job, so you can learn from the best.

Step-by-step worksheets

Each chapter is accompanied by worksheets and guides that will help you understand your Most Valuable Contribution, position yourself to stand out, then show how to work a proven process that produces results, every time.

Global pandemic. Economic uncertainty. SO much time on your hands.


While times may feel scary...


There has never been a better time to take control of your career through remote work!


We wear wristbands that track our fitness, meditate using apps, optimize everything from our route to the grocery store to our wardrobe—but when we’re looking for a new role?


We go ANALOG - like it’s 1999.

  • We Tweak boring resumes
  • Rely on dinosaurs like Linkedin to promote ourselves
  • Submit generic applications on sites like Monster or Indeed alongside hundreds of other cogs
  • Compete against 500+ other applicants for the same role
  • Stare at the ceiling waiting for callbacks


What if I told you there is a much, much better way?

A proven process the best candidates use to stand out, nail the interview, and get the role.

An approach to your career that will not only help you get hired but will allow you to better understand your unique genius and where you provide the most value.


I created Going Remote because there was no step-by-step resources for landing a remote job in today's market with today's technology.


Finding great work, is WORK. But if you prepare and execute well, following time-tested principles, it can put you on a trajectory that will CHANGE your career (and life!).


It's okay if you haven't followed a process before, or find navigating the remote job search landscape disconcerting. Most companies are 💩 at hiring, and our education system doesn't teach us the valuable skills of marketing ourselves like a product: how to position, test, iterate and, most importantly, understand what our true drivers are.


If you could understand what employers actually look for and how to differentiate yourself—what would that do for your career?


Look at the products that we use and love. What is one thing they all have in common?


They have a solid brand strategy and communicate it across their marketing channels. They spend time and money positioning their products to stand out and stick in the mind of consumers.


As a professional, YOU are your product. Going Remote will walk you through how to position yourself to stand out, land meaningful work, and take control of your career through remote employment.

What you'll learn

Remote Fluency™

We curate hiring managers and domain experts across a variety of remote-friendly companies to support you during your search.

Unlock your most valuable contribution

Your MVC is the intersection between your unique skills, experiences, and interests that specific employers value the most.

Tell a compelling story

Cut through the noise by optimizing your personal brand across all channels, then use storytelling to stand out in the minds of hiring managers.

Nail the interview process

Zero-in on remote-friendly companies who are actively hiring through our curated database. It's updated weekly, with insights you won't find anywhere else.

If all you got from this book was to understand the psychology of hiring managers, what they are looking for, and how to stand out from the herd—the $39 would be worth it.


If all you got from this book was a true understanding of your Most Valuable Contribution and what roles or companies you will thrive in, the $99 would be WELL worth it.


Basically...we guarantee you're going to get career-impacting, potentially life-changing results from this ebook.


If you don't, just let us know and we'll refund it in full, no questions asked. We cover so many aspects of the job search and professional positioning from figuring your "Core Four" to leveraging your social networks to get leads and everything in-between. You're going to find gems you didn't even know you were looking for.


The techniques in this book are pretty evergreen, but technology is evolving fast. Job boards change, and new tools will disrupt the way we work, so if you're looking to get a remote job NOW or in the near future, then grab your copy and let's get started!

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Part 1: Discovery

Become remote fluent, get clear on your most valuable skillsets and where they are most needed

Ch1: Remote Fluency™

Remote Fluency will be for this decade what internet proficiency was in 2010. Learn the language and tools so you can flourish in remote-first environments

Ch2: What Really Drives You?

In this chapter, we uncover your Personal Core Values and Career Drivers. This will help you zero-in on better opportunities and allow you to position yourself to stand out from the crowd.

Ch3: Your Core Four

I’ll introduce you to the “Core Four” framework. This will help tease out your top skills and frame them in a way that hiring managers can quickly understand.

Ch4: Your Most Valuable Contribution

Your MVC can be found by applying your Core Four, unique experiences (both professional and personal) and what interests you to: solve a valuable problem, alleviate a real pain, help achieve a meaningful goal or mission

Part 2: Working It

Work the proven process to build a pipeline of opportunities, ace interviews and line up multiple offers so you can land a role you'll love

Ch 5: Professional Positioning

We’ll cover the basics of positioning and how you can apply those principles to your job search. From creating a professional positioning statement to optimizing your resume, website, and online profiles so you easily stand out in the mind of hiring managers.

Ch 6: The Proven Process

This boils down to creating a plan, carving out time to work the process, then building in deadlines and accountability to keep you motivated. It’s a disciplined approach to running your job search that creates results, ever time.

Ch 7: Nailing the Application + Initial Interview

We’ll cover what to expect during the application process and give you a look behind the curtain at how recruiting works at most companies. We’ll dive into what motivates the person on the other side of the table, highlight the pain points they’re looking to solve, then outline how you can nail the interview process.

Ch 8: Leveraing Your Network

Over 50% of new hires come through referrals, although the percentage of people at a company who refer others is less than 7%. In this final chapter, we’ll talk about how to leverage your network (and your network’s network) to increase the number of opportunities you see and speed up the time it takes to land a great role.

About the Author

Maren Kate

During University Maren started a small business and made her first hire quickly thereafter. Over her 15-year career, she has launched four companies, including which employed over 450 employees spread across North America. She is the founding partner at Avra Talent and has been involved in hiring over a thousand professionals. Maren believes that there is the right job for every person and the right person for every job. Her life's work is to help connect the two.

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