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We help great people...

Britton O.

Product Manager

"Thanks so much, Maren! I couldn’t have asked for a better team to lead me through the interview process - you guys were incredibly helpful every step of the way. I hope our paths cross again soon..."

Sara V.

Executive Assistant

"I appreciated the time and energy that you put into this process, and I felt that you cared about me as an individual. I also really appreciated you reaching out to me from time to time to check in on the progress."

Katie W.

Customer Service Agent

"In my 3-month search for the perfect position, I went through a lot of recruiters who presented me with empty promises and a lack of responses. Everyone I have spoken with (Ben, Lizzy, and Susan) were beyond communicative and made this process so smooth and I am so thankful."

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Land a well-paying remote-friendly job, faster.

Be a pain-killer, not a vitamin.

Discover what your most valuable contribution is, and what types of companies need your skills the most.

Chapter 2, 3 + 4

Don't waste time applying to the wrong roles

Zero-in on remote-friendly companies who are actively hiring through our living database.

Position yourself to stand out

Cut through the noise and get to the interview quicker, so you can land a great job with less stress and wasted time.

Chapter 5

Keep on track to find great work, faster

Our proven process helps you approach your job search in a systematic way that produces results and creates accountability.

Chapter 6

Nail interviews + wow hiring managers

Cut through the noise and get to the interview quicker, so you can land a great job with less stress and less wasted time. Faster time-to-hire.

Chapter 7

Negotiate the best deal

Always get the best offer possible and optimize for multiple offers at once through our framework and access to real-life hiring managers for advice.

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About the Author

Maren Kate

During University Maren started a small business and made her first hire quickly thereafter. Over her 15-year career, she has launched four companies, including which employed over 450 employees spread across North America. She is the founding partner at Avra Talent and has been involved in hiring over a thousand professionals. Maren believes that there is the right job for every person and the right person for every job. Her life's work is to help connect the two.

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